A visit with author Diane Rapp

Diane Rapp is a split-personality author, who writes mysteries and science-fantasy novels. She began writing fiction to cure insomnia while selling real estate, but she got serious after publishing a Caribbean guidebook with her daughter.  Research for the guidebook helped her create a cruise ship mystery series.  Readers learn a bout the main characters and get a glimpse of the crew’s life aboard a ship.  Of course there are murders to solve with danger and romance mixed in with the action.  Diane vividly describes actual places ships visit along the route.  Her most recent cruise-ship thriller, DNA Stalker, begins with the Jonestown Massacre nearly forty years ago.  The characters must guard six sets of identical twins, who are targeted by a ruthless stalker.

Diane’s first love is actually science-fantasy.  As an animal lover, it felt natural to devise stories involving telepathic wolves who interact with humans on a distant planet.  The series begins on Earth, introducing the ancestors of a pack that eventually colonizes the distant planet, Drako.  As humans and wolves interact in the future, the wolves wonder if the “two-legs” they meet can actually be intelligent.  A feudal government makes the survival of new arrivals dangerous.  Follow an intricate cast of characters as they try to fend off an attack from space.

Between writing mysteries and science-fantasy, Diane diverged to write an historical novel combined with modern adventure.  The characters solve clues found in an ancestor’s journal to locate a family gold mine in the gold country of Colorado, facing dangerous terrain and people out to steal the gold. 

Diane is currently working on a five-book series of mysteries with NO murders.  Dog and cat sidekicks work alongside their humans to unravel kidnappings, robbery, terrorism, and archeologic vandalism.  The first novel, REALTORS FOR SALE, features Bentley, Diane’s own talented Standard Poodle.  He uses his agility training to protect his mistress from harm. 

Website: https://www.quicksilvernovels.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/quicksilvernovels

Twitter: https://twitter.com/DianeRapp

Amazon page:  https://Author.to/DianeRapp

Bookbub: http://bit.ly/2BOuDUF

Book links for attached covers:

Realtors for Sale viewbook.at/RealtorsForSale

Murder Caribbean-Style  http://viewbook.at/HighSeas1

Golden Legacy  http://viewBook.at/GoldenLegacy

The Alphas   http://viewBook.at/TheAlphas

DNA Stalker   http://myBook.to/DNA-Stalker


Tamara Owens is a young widow starting her life again…finally. She recently passed a real estate licensing exam and began selling property in the coastal city of Santa Barbara, California. In an emergency meeting of the Board of Realtors, Tamara learns that female realtors have gone missing from open houses this past weekend. The first woman disappeared from a high-end open house in San Francisco last Thursday, another from Sacramento on Saturday, and the most recent disappearance was from Paso Robles on Sunday. Police warn that someone working in Santa Barbara might be the next victim, and brokers must instigate a program to protect their employees. 

Could Tamara become a target for the serial kidnapper? To protect female agents in the office, her brokers decide to use trained guard dogs to protect women agents who hold open houses, but Tamara already has Bentley. He is an agility-trained Standard Poodle, more of an acrobat than an attacker. He’s hardly the scary kind of dog normally used for this task, but Bentley’s trainer believes he has natural talent and the desire to protect his beloved mistress. Would Bentley be large enough to fend off an assailant? He has a mouth full of sharp teeth, and he can jump higher than the trained shepherds in the kennel.

Can Tamara escape from a serial kidnapper, who has decided to add her to the collection of beautiful women? What will happen to the kidnapped women after the collection is complete?

About Dr. Sharon Schuetz (224 Articles)
Dr. Sharon Schuetz has a Ph.D. in clinical Christian counseling and has counseled hundreds of families over the past 25 years. In 2013 she and a friend started the website Lady-Patriots.com with 26 different authors and millions of visitors until she sold it in 2016. Since then, she has worked in her local county, Trinity, Texas in the Republican Party, Republican Women, the Trinity County Patriots, and is the former editor of the local newspaper, The Trinity Standard. She recently accepted the position of Secretary of the Trinity County Republican Party. Sharon and her husband of 42 years, Michael, pastor the Sebastopol Community Church in Trinity, and have three children and ten grandchildren.

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