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Trinity County News brings you news and information when it happens. We are not limited by deadlines, print space, or having to wait for a particular day of the week. This means when an event happens we can post it and get it out right then. However, we do more than break news stories. We also provide a calendar and event system that allows you, the community to upload and post your own event to our Event Section.

Many of you have noticed that on the sidebar of the Trinity County News website there is a list of “Upcoming Events” that shows everything from the calendar in order by date of the event. On most days there is also a section just above this called “Today’s Events” that lets you know what is happening each day. This is a free service we offer to the community so that your event can reach the public.

We try to watch Facebook and place events on there ourselves, but that is not always possible, and unfortunately, we do miss some things. We have added a new enhancement to our Calendar & Event page that makes it easy for you to put your event on the website. You can post pictures and text, tell your story, put in the date, time, and location yourself. It is a free service that we offer to anyone with a fundraiser, revival, or meeting.

Why wait to get your event to the public and hope that it’s correct? When you put your own event online you know, it’s the way you want it. Add your information, pictures, and anything you want to let your neighbors know what you have planned. Trinity County News reaches more than 1,000 local visitors each day. So, you can be sure many of them will read about your meeting or fundraiser.

When you upload your event, it will show up on the right side on the sidebar and on the calendar on the corresponding date. (See example below – Click the picture to see full page)











It is a simple process to add your event. The following page is located on the Menu bar under CALENDAR & EVENTS. Click on ADD YOUR EVENT, and you will see the following form. Fill in the blanks with the required information and send it to us. Your first event must be approved, but after that, you are free to post events anytime you have something coming up that you want to share with the public.

If you need help adding your event call me at 713-816-8734 and I will walk you through it the first time.


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