An Interview with Melissa Mathis

I have been asked, as I have gone around visiting with people, ” What makes me any different from my opponent”, There are many things. I am a warrior, I have been trained by standards and ethics, that have been held to the highest level of integrity. Accountability: it is not what we say, It Is what we do, we live it, we are it.

Yes, always remember You have a BOSS, You do answer to many people. As Soldier, As a Non Commissioned officer I used to remind myself and my Soldiers, we answer to our superiors, and to You the Taxpayers, as Elected Officials, they especially answer. This cannot be forgotten.

I would Show Up To Work. District 8 of Texas Should Be Represented On the Legislative Floor, as well as Counted for the Roll Call Votes. District 8 of Texas encompasses cities and rural areas, small towns and larger ones, all deserve to be equally represented. To negate one is to limit and disregard the needs of a population of individuals that we have now left voiceless, and with potentially life-altering consequences District 8 will be at the Table Let’s Drain the SWAMP!

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