Baseball / Softball Registration

We have less than two weeks until the end of Baseball-Softball registration. Flyers are headed home with students this week.
We put much effort into making registration easier this season. By having it online, you can register when you’ve got the time.
We originally planned not to have an in-person registration. However, for those who do not have access to the internet, we will be hosting sign-ups on February 23 inside the Boys and Girls Club in Trinity from 11 AM to 1 PM.
Registration is open from now until the end of the day on February 23rd. Opening Day is Saturday, March 23. We will also take team pictures on Opening Day.
The registration fee is $90. In addition to the jersey and a hat (baseball) or visor (softball), the league will also provide the belt and socks. The coach will decide on the color of pants and then parents/guardians will be responsible for providing them. The fee can be paid with a debit card, or credit card. Athletes will not be registered until the fee is paid.
In year’s past, we have done a fundraiser sign that would hang on the fence throughout the season with an athlete’s name and their team name. At the end of the season, the athletes would take their sign home. The signs are different this season, but we are still doing them. They will be $25. This is optional but if you want to participate, it must be done along with your registration. We will not be accepting signs apart from registration.
Having Facebook is not required. The league does not have a website, but we need somewhere to park the link, so we do it with our Facebook page. If you know of someone who needs the link, please copy and paste the link below and give it to them.

Download link HERE

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