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Chili Cook Off Ahead! Get Ready!


On Saturday, March 23 the African Mission Team at 1301 FM 405 in Riverside, churches, law enforcement, and many others will gather to determine who makes the best chili. [...]

Raffle, Bake Sale, and Silent Auction


On September 1st at 3 PM Tanya Rose, Stephanie Moffett and Holly Howren will host a raffle, silent auction,  and bake sale for Amy Adams at the River of Life Church, in the [...]

We Sang for You Today


We’ve said “Goodbye until we meet again” to some special faith friends lately: We sang for you today- for you set sail beyond the ocean depths of salty tears to [...]

What’s in the hospital’s future?


One of the best-kept secrets in Trinity is what happens at the Trinity Memorial Hospital board meetings. Not that they hide anything. They want the community to know what [...]

Honor God-Kill Babies?


The Republicans are currently working to keep, what was to most of them, a campaign promise. Since the first tax-payer dollars made their way to the eugenics-based [...]

Shaping Our Legacy

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I love to hear my mother tell her story of being an anonymous author. She grew up in rural India in the 1940’s. Most homes had an open-air courtyard encircled by a big [...]
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