Walker County Amateur Radio Club


The Walker County Amateur Radio Club held their monthly meeting on Saturday 23. The club met at the residence member David Godfrey, who gave demonstrations of the power and [...]

Conservative and Patriot: Synonymous?


What is a conservative, how is he different from his liberal counterpart? Many things separate the conservative from the pack, but probably the key difference is attitude. [...]

There’s a Whole Lot of Lying Going On


If you put a bunch of liberals in a room and ask them for a one-word description of a conservative, most of them will smugly shout “RACIST,” as if there could be no other [...]

The Muslim Plan to Conquer the World


Have you ever wondered what is the difference in moderate Muslims and radical Muslims? When the mainstream media talks about Muslims, they throw up this wall between the [...]

The Storm: The Mystery of Q

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October 28, 2017, changed the way of using the internet for those seeking truth. Censorship from the big social media giants along with the Cable news outlets left many [...]

The Truth about Separating Kids


Some economic migrants are using children as chits, but the problem is fixable — if Congress acts. The latest furor over Trump immigration policy involves the separation of [...]
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