Clear Choices in Florida

I really dislike politics at all levels for obvious reasons. However, just like those in the past, this election cycle has some interesting races happening of which I am focusing this article on two that are taking place on my home turf.

At least for me, the race for Florida Governor ended on Thursday, June 28, 2018, during the televised debate; Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4. I have to admit that I hadn’t really been following it too closely and for no reason that I can point my finger at, I had been leaning towards Adam Putnam.

Where does one begin? I guess I should start with Adam’s siding up with “Big Sugar.” While I understand the economic importance of “Big Sugar” in Florida, I detest and abhor the thought of any politician being beholden to any corporate interest.

Let’s add to that Mr. Putnam’s dreadful mishandling of about 100,000 background checks of concealed weapon permit applications of which well over 300 of those permits should not have been issued. I understand mistakes because we all make them, which is why they put erasers on pencils; but 100,000 identical mistakes…?!

I was left less than amused by his responses to illegal entry into this nation, especially where his opponent supports the removal of any officials that support and allow sanctuary cities. Note to Adam Putnam and any other candidates who support the “rights” of illegal trespassers over our rights as citizens; We the People demand that those who enter this country illegally be shown the door, along with any offspring they brought with them and may have decided to have after they arrived. The blatant abuse of the 14th Amendment must end decades ago, let alone immediately.

The debate went on and on, and it looked to me as if the sweat was about to break through Adam’s heavy coat of theatrical makeup as his more than capable opponent easily destroyed him issue by issue.

I guess what really clinched it for me was how Mr. Putnam’s words were so reminiscent of my least favorite, soon to be one term Congressman from Florida’s 18th District.

And since I mentioned that, this is a good time to segue into the next race that has my attention, and that would be none other than the 18th Congressional District in Florida; which is another clear choice for anyone who can read and is fed up with being lied to.

I know that there are still some who not only don’t see it the way I do, they will likely fill my inbox with loads of hate mail. So with that said, let me do my best to explain.

Two years ago, it would have been hard to find anyone in my circle of friends and influence who did not think that the now incumbent, Brian Mast, was anything less than the “great white hope” or something along those lines. I mean, let’s face it, he is a service-disabled veteran, has a beautiful family, said all of the right things, showed up at every event and rally, shook our hands, and convinced us that he was just like us.

And then as his voting record started reflecting everything we who supported him reject, we also learned of his affinity for #44 and his family, spending time and holidays with them long before he became a household name and ran for office; BTW, there would be nothing wrong with that if he were a Democrat, but he does have an “R” after his name and he is supported by a lot of people who rightfully despise #44 and everything he stands for.

In case you missed it, this incumbent wasted no time in voting his true colors, and I started mentioning it on these pages when he made that “mistake” last summer and voted “no” on a bill regarding We the People paying for transgendered surgeries in the military. A “yes” vote meant he wanted it to end, whereas a “no” meant that he and by extension “us” wanted it to continue. Oh, by the way, even a “newbie” such as he was at the time would have known that he had ample time to actually change that vote instead of merely having the record show that it was a “mistake.” As I write this, that vote remains in the “no” column for all to see.

Since then, his record has gotten increasingly abysmal, knowingly voting against many things that his constituents, “us” care deeply about. Instead of becoming a “seated constituent,” he has become just another politician who goes along with the DC crowd and hopes that we aren’t paying attention.

Which brings me to his opponent, Dave Cummings. This is a man who has some serious game. A veteran, successful businessman, and by all appearances, a very decent guy; one who has been attacked by people hiding behind an untraceable group name and has answered those attacks with facts via a video which social media is doing everything it can to squash.

I have to say, much to my chagrin, I fell for the smokescreen and supported the incumbent without question and it has left me jaded. Refer to my opening statement.

So the question for me and my readers who also fell for it is this, do I believe that Dave Cummings is “all that and a bag of chips…?” No, I can’t say that I do or that I’ll ever completely trust anyone running for any office again. However, I do believe that he is a good man who understands that people like me who have a voice and an audience are willing to shake off the past dirt and give him and Ron DeSantis a chance with a simple caveat.

When you get to DC and Tallahassee don’t forget that you are an extension of “us” because we can’t be there and we are giving you the responsibility to vote as we would if we could be there. Both of you will get ONE chance at earning our votes; what you do once seated and get put on “voter trial” will determine if we cast another for you or cast you to the political lions.

Don’t dare think even for a second that we don’t take this seriously and aren’t watching.

You are “us,” and you’ll do well to never forget it…!

Part 2

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