Don’t Tread on Me

In the quiet, sleepy town of Livingston, on a hot summer July day, people from surrounding counties gathered with the residents of Polk County to greet and hear Texas Senator Ted Cruz as he stopped for his 12th town hall in recent weeks.

It was a standing room only event, hosted at Shrimp Boat Manny’s, where politicians came to see and to be seen, but were outnumbered and of course, outranked, by the voters who have taken a keen interest in the race between Senator Cruz and Democrat Representative, Beto O’Rourke, from El Paso.…/nancy-pelosi-republicans-are…/

This writer has been watching O’Rourke’s campaign, and you would think he was the next Barack Obama to the Texas Democrats. Who knows? He just might be.

There can be no bigger divide than the policy stances held between Cruz and his opponent. While Cruz advocates for smaller government, fewer taxes and the rule of our Constitution, his opponent supports bigger government, more taxes, and open borders. I am not sure Mr. O’Rourke has even read the Constitution, let alone understand it. If he has, then he has fully embraced the annihilation of the single most important document for the United States.

There is no greater divide on a single issue in any Senate Race across the nation than the Immigration issue. Senator Cruz repeatedly told the crowd that he supports ICE and the lawful reunification of children with their parents. Cruz also supports the building of the wall but pointed out that the time between detection and detention is crucial. “We need more border patrol,” stated Cruz. The room erupted in cheers.

Unfortunately for the Beto O’Rourke’s this election season, facts are undeniable. In 2010, 6000 Unaccompanied Minors came across the border. In June of 2012, Barack Obama signed into law, DACA. 2013 and 2014 saw the number of unaccompanied minors rise to approximately 90,000 as they surged into America. The media and the Democrats didn’t seem to have a problem with that then, and only now do they feign an air of false indignation with the plight of 2,000 children.

The problem with their arguments reflect a true lack of compassion as the Unaccompanied Minors are sent to America with Transnational Drug Cartels for a fee. The days of the old coyotes are gone, and now these children are forced to perform horrific acts by gangs in order to extort more monies from their families as they travel to America’s borders.

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To continue being weak on immigration and border control is not compassionate for these children. Instead, we are subjecting more children to human trafficking, rape, murder and other unspeakable acts committed by the Cartels who happily take advantage of the lack of enforcement of our own U.S. Laws.

When asked what his single most important issue in Texas for this election cycle, Senator Cruz responded, “We need everyone to come out to vote.” True, turn-out this cycle will be vital to ensuring the Democrat “Blue Wave” does not happen. Republican voters tend to become apathetic during off cycle years (non-Presidential), especially when they control the Majorities. We may hold the majority now, but with members who continually vote with the Resistance party, getting anything major accomplished is nearly impossible.

We need to re-elect Senator Ted Cruz and send a message to Washington that nothing will dilute the message we sent in 2016. “Don’t tread on me” is the message we sent when we elected President Trump. Should we become silent, we could lose that message as well.

This November cast your vote for liberty. Cast your vote for Senator Ted Cruz.

We will have the video of the event and the video interview posted later.

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Lianne Mueck started her IT career while based at Goodfellow AFB in 1998. During the course of her time there, Lianne was tasked by Operation Desert Storm/Shield Association with interviewing and investigating Gulf War Syndrome with Active Duty Military. She served proudly with this organization and worked alongside members of both Parties to help achieve President Clinton’s final summary for presumptive care and treatment for GW veterans and their families. Her love for service carried her to Rhode Island where she was worked alongside Rhode Island Tea Party who saw historical gains for the “conservative” movement. Establishing itself as the first State-level Tea Party, Lianne was elected to public office and worked tirelessly with both Democrats and Republicans in areas of Voter ID, Transportation legislation, Public Sector Union fairness as well as large budgetary items. Her focus was on Education Reform. Returning to Texas, Lianne has worked for conservative candidates who are pro-life, pro-marriage but most importantly, pro-Constitution. Now remarried to her childhood crush, Lianne and Curtis reside in their hometown of Livingston where they are raising their precious grandson, Elijah. They attend Central Baptist Church.

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