Enemies are our Allies?

For eight-years under the Obama Administration, we know now that the left’s “enemies” had unfettered access to Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation via “pay to play” schemes.  As recently as this past January, the FBI has opened an investigation into potential illegalities committed during her time as Secretary of State.

While many of the allegations have yet to be investigated, we now know that there is a Russian scandal and it does not involve President Donald Trump. For over 15 months, the American people have been told that Donald Trump colluded with Russia during the 2016 election, in which, not one iota of evidence has been provided by the $22,000,000.00 investigation by Robert Mueller. (that is OUR money)

What we do know is that Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation benefited from Russian corruption.

Prior to the Obama Administration approving the 2010 deal that would see 20% of American uranium transferred to Moscow, the FBI had already documented kickbacks, extortion and bribery by Russian operatives for the purpose of expanding Vladimir Putin’s atomic energy business in the United States.

They also documented a large amount of cash flowing into the Clinton Foundation during Hillary Clinton’s time as Secretary of State along with former AG, Eric Holder and of course, Robert Mueller was in the mix.

During the 2016 election cycle,  you would think that we were almost to the brink of nuclear war with Russia with the propaganda that was coming out of the Hillary Clinton campaign along with her political operatives, the mainstream media. Suddenly, Russia and Putin were America’s enemy #1.  Despite having millions of dollars donated to the Clinton Foundation, Hillary Clinton ranted on at every opportunity about the evilness of Putin. It certainly didn’t appear to bother her as she and Bill Clinton accepted millions of dollars.

It was a narrative that is failing and will continue to fail as the facts are uncovered.

At 10:02 am on June 27, 2018, Q-Anon had tweeted:

We saw another confirmation of Q at the Fargo, North Dakota rally when President Trump stated that our enemies are sometimes our allies. 

As of this writing on June 28th, the meeting between two of the world’s most powerful leaders, Trump and Putin is now set for July 16, 2018. Of course, the progressive left is in pure meltdown mode. God forbid, we have peace in the World. Just like when it was announced that Trump would meet with North Korea, the left predicted the worst. We are now seeing a safer place with the denuclearization of North Korea. Still they yell, IMPEACH 45!

The United States is in good bargaining position when it comes to Russia. With uncertainty in Syria and the Middle East, we could very well see a path of stabilization. But, of course, the progressive left will find some way to make this nefarious. They seem to prefer evil over good. They disregard the potential for peace through strength by viewing every action of this President through hyper-partisan lenses. Would it not be good for the world if there were peace?

I almost feel sorry for my friends across the aisle. With Justice Kennedy’s retirement announcement yesterday along with the July summit being scheduled, I can’t imagine the perplexity they are going through today. I am sure they will figure out a way to continue their attacks against our President.

Unemployment at an all time low – IMPEACH!
Economy doing well – IMPEACH!
Tax cuts that benefit the middle class – IMPEACH!
Nomination of Neil Gorsuch – IMPEACH!
Stop North Korean Nukes – IMPEACH!
Bring home hostages – IMPEACH!
Stock Market record highs – IMPEACH!
Helping veterans – IMPEACH!

And on and on, ad nauseum.

My point is this, when will the left stop targeting President Trump? I suspect we won’t see that until the last investigation is completed and the truth is out for the entire world to see.

Under the Obama administration, corruption and acts that violate our Constitution were a daily event. The elite got richer while the American worker got poorer. The elite pocketed millions and millions of donations from foreign countries while our Country was put at risk. Our military was weakened while we funded terrorists in the Middle East.

President Trump will meet with Putin. For all that it is it worth, we can only hope that our “enemies” will be our “friends” just as we saw with North Korea.

The world will be a much better place to live in.

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Lianne Mueck started her IT career while based at Goodfellow AFB in 1998. During the course of her time there, Lianne was tasked by Operation Desert Storm/Shield Association with interviewing and investigating Gulf War Syndrome with Active Duty Military. She served proudly with this organization and worked alongside members of both Parties to help achieve President Clinton’s final summary for presumptive care and treatment for GW veterans and their families. Her love for service carried her to Rhode Island where she was worked alongside Rhode Island Tea Party who saw historical gains for the “conservative” movement. Establishing itself as the first State-level Tea Party, Lianne was elected to public office and worked tirelessly with both Democrats and Republicans in areas of Voter ID, Transportation legislation, Public Sector Union fairness as well as large budgetary items. Her focus was on Education Reform. Returning to Texas, Lianne has worked for conservative candidates who are pro-life, pro-marriage but most importantly, pro-Constitution. Now remarried to her childhood crush, Lianne and Curtis reside in their hometown of Livingston where they are raising their precious grandson, Elijah. They attend Central Baptist Church.

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