Governor Abbott is looking to hire a field organizer for the Trinity, Polk, Walker, & San Jacinto area

Dear East Texas Republicans,

Team Abbott would like to thank you for all the contributions you have made over the past several years as we have been building towards this election. As your Regional Director for Governor Abbott, I wanted to touch base and let you know what we are going to be doing over the next 100+ days.

The campaign is going to be mobilizing, recruiting, and identifying voters on a level this state has not yet seen. East Texas is particularly important because we have more potential Republican votes than another part of the state.

The main reason for this email is we are looking to hire a field organizer for the area (Trinity, Polk, Walker, & San Jacinto). This individual would be responsible for helping us organize volunteers, identifying voters at the county level, etc. They will need to be mobile, live in the area, and be self-motivated. This will involve a large amount of block walking as D2D is our focus. Additionally, we are looking to hire part-time Turf coordinators. And of course, we are looking to train volunteers.

Do you know someone who you would recommend being a Field Organizer?

Finally, if you would like to request a training for your county please contact me @ 9366521056 between 8 am – 6 pm with the details.

?Excellent opportunity! Msg me to set up an interview?

Texans for Greg Abbott is currently looking for highly motivated individuals who want to join our team as Field Organizers. Those who are willing to relocate will be highly considered.

Some responsibilities include:
*Build and manage teams
*Public speaking
*Block walking
*Phone banking

*Reliable transportation
*Must have a smartphone
*Access to computer
*Highly Motivated
*Strong Organization Skills
*Adaptive and Punctual
*Excellent Communication and Relational Skills
*Performs Exceptionally well in a Team Environment
*Competent and Responsible
If you or someone you know is interested, please send us your resume and be ready to start the process within a week.


Overall the job is full time, salary, benefits etc. I am the one who is in charge of the region so I am responsible for the Field Organizers and making sure they have what is needed each week.

The job is completed by meeting a weekly id count. These ids are gotten bu going to door to door and block walking. We don’t do phones, mailers or events. So each week the Fos are responsible for 200 ids. This goes up by 50 ids till we get to 500 ids. After this, there is a pay raise once this is maintained for four weeks. Our encouragement is that the FO’s recruit volunteers to go get the ideas for them. Once we id a lead we interview them and then have a brief leadership program that we use as a test to see if they can, in fact, do the job. That is the short of it. If you have someone intersted I am looking to higher asap.


Steffen A. Carrillo

Texans for Greg Abbott
Regional Director

(936) 652-1056

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