Immigration & the Faces of Hate

The best comment I have heard during this past couple of weeks concerning immigration was “I recommend we follow everyone we don’t like around and tell them they suck.” That statement was made by a dear friend of mine, Rhonda Omberg, in regards to the latest hysterical rant by Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) who intentionally incited average citizens to harass any member of the Trump Administration.

Watching Water’s video, I was reminded of the school yard bully who didn’t want to risk getting caught so he/she would get their followers to do the dirty work while he/she reaped the benefits of eating someone else’s lunch or pocketing someone else’s lunch money. Ms. Waters lives in a 4-million-dollar home and pays her daughter 100,000 per year from her Campaign fund but lives in one of the poorest districts in California. We see that with Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, as well.

It would almost be comical were I not reminded of the Bernie Sanders supporter who shot Rep. Steve Scalise on June 14, 2017. Gunman James Hodgkinson was targeting Republican members of Congress during a bipartisan baseball game played every year in their efforts to raise money for charities. All for his hatred of someone’s political ideology.

The lack of civility in the Nation is not a partisan issue. To point fingers toward one side versus another would be inaccurate as well as unfair. As recent as this past Texas Republican Convention in San Antonio, the phrase “eating our own” was bantered about during some of the most heated discussions.

Late last night, I received several texts concerning a political consultant in the Gulf Coast area that resulted in name-calling and the most vile expletives I have ever seen in the course of my political career. It comes after years of this “consultant” employing the strategy of “politics of personal destruction.”

I believe that for most Americans, the immigration issue is one that many do not understand. For many who do not live in a border state, they do not see what we see on a daily basis. They do not feel the effects of the criminal element that we feel. They do not witness the bodies in the desert left to decay under a hot southern sky nor do they understand the cries of loved ones whose family member has been murdered by MS13.

While the left denigrates those of us who support President Trump and his stance on immigration with names like “Nazis,” they fail to look past the rose-colored glasses they wear to see the realities of a failed immigration policy that enhances human trafficking. They fail to see the trans-national cartels brutality as they incinerate their victims in ovens. Has Maxine Waters ever seen the remains left behind on a “rape tree”? I highly doubt it. What is most terrifying to this writer is that some of the garments found have been extremely small indicating the victims are young.

Civility is a nice thing to have. I agree that we should be nice to those we meet. But there comes a time when being nice only leads to a lack of compassion for the human suffering that is surrounding us. The left wants us to be nice and let everyone in through our borders. This is the equivalent to driving by a car accident and waving at the victims as we dial 911 while on our way to the nearest pub or shopping excursion.

Closing our borders is a tool in stopping the Cartels from trafficking the young and most vulnerable. It will help stop the flow of women being victimized as they are placed in “stash” houses to be sexually assaulted until their debt is paid in full. Another tool is the stopping of welfare in the form of education, healthcare, housing, etc., to those who cross over our borders illegally. Cash is a magnet, especially for the cartels who siphon what benefits the recipient receives. Immigrants are the new commodity for the gangs. They deal with being robbed and kidnapped. Their families are put in danger, and for the women and young girls, the garments on the trees as well as littered throughout the 2000 miles of international divide tell a story that the opponents of Immigration reform do not want told.

While this may sound harsh to those who demand a kinder more open border, their advocacy is what fuels the criminal gangs. To those of us who try to open the eyes of Americans who do not understand the plight of the immigrant except for a brief and false ad (like the most recent TIME), we are called Nazis.

I stand in a circle and turn 360 degrees, and I see the evil that permeates every segment of society. That does not make me any less compassionate or unwilling to fight for the side of good. Unfortunately, the side of love is met with hate that comes from leaders of the Democratic Party is espouse a willingness to have those who disagree with her harmed and harassed.

That’s not civility, that is the epitome of hate.

Until we, as a society, are willing to listen to all sides of an issue in an effort to find resolutions to the challenges we face as a Nation, innocents will continue to be victimized by the very ones that the Open Border proponents advocate for.

Fox in the chicken house, much?

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Lianne Mueck started her IT career while based at Goodfellow AFB in 1998. During the course of her time there, Lianne was tasked by Operation Desert Storm/Shield Association with interviewing and investigating Gulf War Syndrome with Active Duty Military. She served proudly with this organization and worked alongside members of both Parties to help achieve President Clinton’s final summary for presumptive care and treatment for GW veterans and their families. Her love for service carried her to Rhode Island where she was worked alongside Rhode Island Tea Party who saw historical gains for the “conservative” movement. Establishing itself as the first State-level Tea Party, Lianne was elected to public office and worked tirelessly with both Democrats and Republicans in areas of Voter ID, Transportation legislation, Public Sector Union fairness as well as large budgetary items. Her focus was on Education Reform. Returning to Texas, Lianne has worked for conservative candidates who are pro-life, pro-marriage but most importantly, pro-Constitution. Now remarried to her childhood crush, Lianne and Curtis reside in their hometown of Livingston where they are raising their precious grandson, Elijah. They attend Central Baptist Church.

6 Comments on Immigration & the Faces of Hate

  1. Lianne, I love you. You are family. You should consider that posting that ridiculous lady’s name and face to an op-ed piece, makes it seem to all of the less informed that Maxine Waters is the norm and that she could somehow be the face and ideology of the Democratic party. Nothing could be farther from the truth. When Democrats see her ranting mindlessly, they tend to run for cover. Keep in mind that Donald Trump has been a laughing stock our whole life. We have known him since we were kids. He has always been a misogynist, an immoral entity, long before getting into politics. He may have rallied some form of the Republican base, but he has embarrassed it just as much. If you plan on writing op-ed about wacky politicians, think back and write one about Trump. I am a centrist who votes without party ideology. My middle class family endured Reagonomics, which killed the middle class, but we all still voted for both Bushes. Clinton supplied an economic boom for me. This stuff is all over the place. I guess what I am trying to say, is don’t roll out some nut job as an example of a party. That is not fair and there are folks out in the world that think a nut job like that actually carries the Democratic party, when it is far from the truth. Just like the fact that not all republicans are lying, cheating, thieving, mysogenists like Trump.

  2. Lianne Mueck // June 25, 2018 at 7:20 pm //

    We are not so far apart, but I think the difference between us is that I don’t view elected officials in their personal lives. Yes, I agree that Trump has done things in his personal life that I don’t condone. On the other hand, I don’t use those things as a basis of judgement. I look at policy and performance.

    I hear what you are saying about Waters, 3 years ago, I would have applauded that statement. Unfortunately, the DNC has allowed her to become the face and leadership of the Party.

    That in and of itself forced me to bring to light the leadership failures.

    I’ve worked for Democrats who are good and honest individuals who brought real change to their communities. I’ve sat in crack houses and heard the poverty horror stories. I’ve shaken hands, prayed and celebrate victories while mourning losses with the black Democrats. It’s those experiences that I remember as I wrote that piece. They and the Party deserve better.

    So while my piece was about immigration and not Trump, I hope that at some point, eyes will open to problems that waters and the rest of the leadership fail to address that is causing great harm to those most vulnerable.

  3. Lisa Mathews // June 29, 2018 at 10:03 pm //

    Thank you for posting this. I think it is important to realize that one person doesn’t represent the party. That is especially true when speaking of Maxine Waters or Donald Trump for that matter. All democrats do not agree with Maxine nor is every democrat like her. Likewise, Donald Trump does not represent all Republicans and there are many who are embarrassed by his bad behavior. I miss the civility and in my opinion, it is what we need to make America great again. America works best when the political parties are more balanced in power because it requires that they work together. Kind of like we regular people have to do in our own job and life.

  4. Lianne Mueck // July 2, 2018 at 4:24 pm //


    I totally concur with you! Civility is the key to solving a lot of the issues we face in our Nation. We all must have a seat at the table. Unfortunately, for some, they’d rather #resist than #assist

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