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It’s Time to Put the Goats on Goat Island – The Lease Has Been Signed!

It’s official! The goats are coming back very soon. Today the Goat Island Committee met with Trinity River Authority representative Kristie Monoz in Trinity to sign a two-year grazing lease, effective on Dec.1st, and officially get the goats back on Goat Island.

Now that the Goat Island Committee, led by Manager, Terry Threlkeld, signed the lease and paid the fee,  they are ready to buy the goats and get them to Groveton High School FFA teacher Larry Thorntonberry who will inspect and worm them. Once he has finished and released the goats, they will ferry them to the island and their new home.

It has been just over a year since there have been goats on the island and the community is ready to see the goats restored. People around Trinity County have memories and stories from years of having the goats so close to us. Goat Island is very popular. Families have camped out on the tiny piece of land nestled in the Trinity River, next to Highway 356 between Sebastopol and Trinity for as long as most folks around here can remember. It has been a favorite spot for boats to stop for years. Trinity County’s kids love to camp and swim around the island.  Losing the goats was like losing a piece of Trinity County’s history.

As soon as the goats are ready to be placed on the island, we will make an announcement and set up a time to celebrate this long-anticipated event.


Goat Island Committee members signing the lease.


Manager ‐ Terry Threlkeld, Assistant Manager ‐ Ron Crone, Trinity River Authority representative Kristie Monoz, and Secretary‐ Jennifer Staples, signing the lease.









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