Laymond Blanton Found Guilty

A verdict was handed down on the second day of the trial in the shooting death of Jacob Feller by 74-year-old Laymond Blanton. According to Sheriff Woody Wallace Blanton was found guilty of murder and aggravated assault, and not guilty of deadly conduct.

Blanton was agitated by Jacob Feller, and Nathan Shelton who he said drove their noisy motorcycles past his home in Harbor Point. He felt that they were purposely making the noise to agitate him and his wife. Blanton claimed that he tried to stop them to talk about their bikes. He finally ran into the road and argued with the two bikers which resulted in the shooting and killing of Fellers.

The defense attorney Jack Carrol Crossed examined Blanton who said he was afraid for his life and that he was defending himself. He told the court that the 74-year-old man was just reacting to what he felt was deadly force and being threatened by the two men.

Prosecutor, Benny Schiro, reviewed the evidence recorded by the Texas Ranger, the crime scene photos to clarify that there was no deadly force used and that it was a verbal argument. Backed by the testimonies for the witnesses the prosecutor called Tuesday; the jury believed that Jacob and Nathan did not use deadly force.

A school bus driver, Ms. Sanders, witnessed the killing and told the court that she drove up to the shooting with Blanton, Feller, and Shelton.

The defense attorney, Jack Carroll, tried to make the case that Blanton was afraid for his life, but the court did not accept it and returned a verdict of guilty murder and aggravated assault.

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  1. Don Motley // August 2, 2018 at 10:42 am //

    Blanton was railroaded. Typical Trinity County lack of justice. The good ol boys of the court system really blew this one. The judge sat back on his laurels and allowed the DA to run the entire trial. The two bikers were known gang members and would frequently stop in front of Blanton’s house just to rev their loud motors to harrass him.

  2. Regardless of whether or not they revved their motors, it was no justification for murder. Period. There are many other options he had. He resorted ro murder. It was a fair outcome for his actions. You dont kill someone because they annoy you.

  3. Your an idiot

  4. I personally know Nathan and had the pleasure of meeting his brother shortly before his murder. They were never in a gang because motorcycle clubs are NOT gangs. They do a lot of good for their communities and those in need in those communities. This old man came out and confronted these two good men with hate and Ill intent and that is murder. He will be convicted again and spend the rest of his life behind bars which is more than he gave to Jacob and the people who loved him.

  5. merle nevill // August 2, 2018 at 6:30 pm //

    I was working outside my place around the corner from this murder and heard the shots..I drove to the corner and saw Blanton looking down at the dead man in the MIDDLE of the street with his gun in his hand.The bike and victim in the street..Shots just missed two of our residents in a golf cart..The joke is this took a year to prosecute and now there talking mistrial…What a joke.

  6. I couldn’t agree more….Don Motley, you are an idiot! Bless your heart for being so ignorant! You need to get down on your knees and pray God gives you a brain to think with!!!

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