Mid-Term Mania – Part 2

Recently, it was alleged that I hold similar views to Hitler. That is the most recent talking point of the left when presented with documents and facts that disprove their other talking points. Of course, I took issue and called it out. It really is an easy one to argue against.

Since the Democrats and liberals are for the dismantling of Israel in favor of a group of people who have occupied their country, my support of Israel counteracts that “Nazi” allegation. It is a simple but ridiculous argument against conservatives.

So where do these arguments come from? After all, the person who made that allegation against me has known me most of my life. I don’t live like a Nazi. I don’t subscribe to nor support the alt-right or socialism. Just how did this person justify going there.

That’s a simple answer, too; an answer that you must recognize as we enter into the Mid-Term Mania.

Media has become weaponized. It’s why Time defended its false cover of President Trump and an immigrant child who was kidnapped by her mother against her father’s will and hauled illegally across the border. At no time was the child separated from her mother, but Time did not care about facts, it cared about pushing the liberal narrative as a tool to harm the President of the United States.

The liberal media is using a psychological tool called “Groupthink” to sway the American people into believing the narratives that are usually provided to them by their Democrat cronies. Group Think is the practice of thinking or making decisions as a group in a way that discourages creativity or individual responsibility. If they all repeat the same talking points enough, the viewer will think they are correct without ever questioning or seeking verification of facts.


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But how do you avoid falling into the GroupThink snare?

  1. Expect it – Knowing that you could be involved or listening to a group of people who obviously think alike will help you be aware of the groupthink phenomenal. It’s why I listen to both liberal and conservative opinions. I listen and understand that to reach a reasonable outcome; I need to hear all sides and then do my own research to find the truth.
  2. Encourage Debate – While most of the time, you can expect a good hardy and civil debate on the topic, there will be an opportunity to recognize that your opposition will completely devolve into emotional and irrational statements when presented with facts.
  3. Recognize bias in statistics – Data is always good to use to quantify or verify but be careful in accepting data as an absolute. If a group is “cherry-picking” their sources based upon political leanings, then you must be aware that the data is probably flawed.
  4. Take your time – Do not rush into decision making. Remember the old adage, “speed kills.” You must take your time to research and analyze the information you are giving and receiving. Only then, can you make a reasoned decision on that information.

How do you know if you are a victim of GroupThink? In 1972, Psychologist Irving Janis identified GroupThink mentality and offered ways to recognize it.

Janis identified eight different “symptoms” that indicate groupthink:

  1. Illusions of invulnerability
  2. Unquestioned beliefs
  3. Rationalizing.
  4. Stereotyping
  5. Self-censorship
  6. “Mindguards” act as self-appointed censors to hide problematic information from the group.
  7. Illusions of unanimity
  8. Direct pressure to conform is often placed on members who pose questions, and those who question the group are often seen as disloyal or traitorous.

As you can see, I was the victim of a GroupThink mentality when the person in which I was debating resorted to name calling. In fact, I wish I could post the thread from facebook for you to see that the person actually suffered from all 8 of the symptoms of GroupThink when he was debating me.

I didn’t get mad. I didn’t resort to the same tactics. In fact, I merely told that person it was unacceptable and that I would not stand for being called a Nazi or racist or homophobe.  I stopped the conversation.

When you do your own homework and research an issue, you can clearly see the truth. Unfortunately, for the left, GroupThink is acceptable due to their belief system of a collective instead of individuality.

As we move closer to November, you will see more and more the GroupThink mentality.

Stay strong Patriots


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