Residents mobility enhanced by Concierge Service at Trinity Rehabilitation

Trinity Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center (TRHC) CEO Darcy Whatley, Chauffeur Meaghan Balette, CNA, demonstrate the many features of the Elite Concierge Services limousine to resident James Watson. The service is designed to enhance residents mobility for appointments and access to a variety of community events.

TRINITY – The overall mobility of residents will be enhanced with the launch of the Elite Concierge Service by Trinity Rehabilitation & Healthcare Center this week. The new service exceeds what is generally provided in the long term care industry in that residents will have access to a litany of events and functions outside the facility. The cost free service includes a private chauffeur, who is a Certified Nurse Assistant, and a limousine specially equipped to meet the needs of occupants and their medical needs.

In addition to regular physicians appointments the Elite Concierge Service will be used for regularly scheduled group excursions and include community events, fairs, parades, shopping, grocery store visits, Christmas Light Tours and more.

“For some residents something as simple as a trip through town on the main road allows them an opportunity to experience the uplifting feeling of seeing familiar businesses, people and landmarks they would otherwise miss if not for this service,” said  Trinity Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center (TRHC) CEO Darcy Whatley. “Having a high-tech vehicle of this type to transport residents to important appointments, meetings and social events is another example of the superior quality service we provide our residents,” she added.

The limousine, a 2019 Ford Transit 350 XLT, was custom designed to accommodate residents special needs including wheelchairs, oxygen therapy and a variety of individualized care needs.

Mrs. Whatley added, “We are excited to continue to provide the Gold Standard of services to our residents and set new trends within the industry with forward thinking and implementation of the newest technologies within our facilities.”

Pillar Stone Healthcare also owns and operates Baywood Crossing Healthcare Center at 5020 Space Center Blvd. Pasadena, Texas.

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