“The enemy of my enemy is my friend” is not so true of the extreme left

I spend a lot of time watching news stories from Western Europe and the U.K., in particular. Many of the world’s political changes manifest themselves across the Pond before we see them here in the States. Decades ago we saw the spreading of socialism across Europe like a bad rash from summer camp. Now we see the next stages of civilizational jihad marching through the Western parts of the continent, and there is no question that we here in North America are targeted for the same thing that’s happening there. Intersectionality is doomed to fail.

There have been signs for some time, however, but it wasn’t until I heard a conversation with Don Smith of The Don Smith Show (great conservative talk show host by the way; look him up if you don’t already listen) that I realized that there is an expiration date on the leftist alliance. Three news stories from the U.K. this past week, that when taken together, demonstrate why the cobbled coalition of special interest groups, or intersectionality, will only hold together for a limited time. Intersectionality is the idea that all the various groups that feel they have been marginalized, persecuted, or are the victims of some form of bigotry should unite for their common good. It started as part of a feminist philosophy but was soon adopted by other leftist who saw the value of bringing these different groups together to push back against their common political enemy – conservatives.

You see, leftists are very well read and draw tactics from many sources including Sun Tzu’s The Art of War. “The enemy of my enemy” and all that. The first of the three news stories demonstrate how the extreme left tries to push political correctness on the rest of us. John Berkow, the speaker of the United Kingdom’s House of Commons, made the statement that LQBTQ rights must always be considered as more important than religious rights. He was speaking to an organization called PinkNews when, channeling Hillary Clinton, he said that LGBTQ rights are “Human rights.”

Religious rights have been considered “Human rights” throughout the Western world for better than two centuries now. Bercow claimed to “respect people’s rights to adhere to and profess their faith,” but he went on to say that when “somebody’s adherence to faith on the one hand and the acknowledgement of and demonstration of respect for human rights” come into conflict, “the latter has to trump the former.” In simpler terms, the LGBTQ agenda is more important than anyone’s religious liberties.

The second story demonstrates what happens when you don’t play by their rules. Dr. David MacKereth, a 55-year-old doctor who had worked for NHS since he was 29, was fired from his job as a health and disability assessor. He started training for the new job back in May of this year and before that he had been an Emergency ward physician. According to Mackereth, he was required to refer to patients or clients by their self-identified gender on official reports. Mackereth recalled, “I said that I had a problem with this. I believe that gender is defined by biology and genetics”. This doctor of 26 years was relieved of his duties because he wouldn’t play along with the P.C. game on the grounds of science.

Heaven forbid that a doctor recognizes, that in some cases, knowing the actual gender and having it in the report might affect treatment outcome. Possibly even effect life and death decisions for patients. Dr. Mackereth stated that he believed it was wrong to engage in this practice and because he challenged the purveyors of intersectionality protections he now faces the end of his career.

The third news story demonstrates what happens when the members of different factions come in conflict with one another. At the recent London Pride Parade, a group of “lesbian activists” disrupted the event. It seems that the group of eight women were unhappy at the inclusion of transgender people. It appears that these folks have concluded that trans-women are not biological women. Once you accept that basic truth, you then must also accept that there are differences between biological men and biological women. To say that a man can be a woman simply because he feels that he is one is to say then that there is nothing inherently special about being a woman thereby negating female empowerment. (I think you can see how the thread continues to pull the different groups apart here.)

These “activists” recognize that trans-women are biological men, so they are of no practical use to lesbians. Pushing an agenda that supports trans-people, at best distracts from the LGB cause, and at worst works against the LGB and Third-wave feminist causes. These lesbians aren’t the first to distinguish the contradictions among the coalition, nor will they be the last.

Recently in Seattle, members of Antifa became at odds with members of the local members the Democratic Socialist of America when they felt betrayed when the police showed up, and many of the DSA left the Antifa members to the mercy of law-enforcement. Last summer at an LGBTQ parade in South Carolina, members of Black Lives Matter demanded that police not be involved in security for the event. The organizers of the parade disagreed, and there was a very loud and very public disagreement. The truth remains a simple one; all these groups may consider conservatives as their enemy, but their goals are not the same.

The fundamental flaw with intersectionality as it has been manifested under the modern leftist is something Sun Tzu never had to contend with in his day. These different groups are not warriors waiting to be led into political battle by a unifying force against a common enemy. They are instead competitors in another game of the left’s creation; who’s the most oppressed, who’s the biggest victim. In the battle to show that they are the biggest victim, of capitalism, of society, of the heterosexual, cisgendered, white men, or whoever or whatever is holding them back; they must form a hierarchy, and in doing so there will only be more riffs among them. It is only a matter of time before many of them will see each other as a bigger rival than conservative. The clock is ticking.

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Tim Tapp grew up in a Democratic household where the values of helping others, loving God and America were taught. Sadly, as he transitioned from his late teenage years into adulthood, he learned the hard way that much of what the Democratic party promised and claimed to be their beliefs were little more than pretty words, and often flat-out lies. Having studied biology, he worked in management and QA for restaurants and food manufactures before becoming politically active. Never being one who was afraid to speak up and being armed with the knowledge of the failings of the Democratic party while understanding that most Democratic voters are good-hearted, well-meaning people, he is the host of the syndicated, conservative talk show "Tapp" into the Truth. He still calls East Tennessee home, as he lives with his wife and youngest daughter in Rockwood (not far from Knoxville), but has strong ties to all of Roane County.

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