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The Hero that Wasn’t

When did America become so desperate for heroes, and when did we stop recognizing the real ones? We don’t have to look hard to find them as they are everywhere. They don the uniforms of our military every day and stand in harm’s way on our behalf; they are cops, firefighters, first responders, and struggling single parents.

They are grieving Gold Star mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters, widows and widowers, and the children of those lost on the battlefields at home and abroad; and they are so many others who do the best they can daily to keep themselves and their loved ones safe and fed.

A “hero” is defined as “a person who is admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities.” I would suggest that the definition flies in the face of today’s current “hero” who many refer to as “songbird” by an enemy.

Depending upon which version of the “accident” story is to be believed, it flies in the face of someone whose actions and carelessness while on board the USS Forrestal probably resulted in the deaths of 133 men and caused extensive damage to the ship. This does not include the cover-up which ensued because of the influence of his Four Star Admiral and Supreme Commander of the Pacific Fleet father who certainly ensured that he was spared facing a court-martial or any real repercussions.

It flies in the face of a man who came home to his badly injured wife who had held things together during his absence, that he gradually tossed her aside when it suited him. It also flies in the face of someone, who while serving in office, was among the most corrupt and worst senators in US history, regularly voting against the wishes of his constituents and party.

This same man coddled the candidate who easily defeated him in his final run for POTUS to the point that he publicly stated he wanted that, now former president, to be one of the eulogists at his funeral. After constantly speaking out against the current president, he flatly snubbed him for doing the job he was elected to do by his base. I could go on.

I understand the pressure that POTUS is under to simply bite his tongue at this time, and he will, because he is a statesman and is too smart to do otherwise.

The usual cadre of talking heads is already ignoring the wrongful deeds of this “hero” and lavishing false praise upon him; however, I will not. There are many labels that one could assign to John McCain, but except for those on the left who are incapable of finding even a shred of decency, morality, or honor within their ranks, “hero” is absolutely not one of them.

I doubt that he is considered a hero by the families of those who lost their lives because of what he may have divulged to an enemy when interrogated, or by the families of his deceased shipmates. Nor is he considered a hero by millions of American Patriots who were forced to suffer with arguably the single worst piece of legislation ever to come out of DC due to his vote.

Is the bar really set so low now that we could be on the verge of one day acknowledging the treasonous Jane Fonda as an outstanding American for her collusion with the enemy? Will we set aside a day to honor the murderer Che Guevara given his lofty prominence in liberal circles and the adornment of his images on swimwear? Are Saul Alinsky, Bill Ayers, Frank Marshall Davis, and Margaret Sanger candidates for high honors?

People may not like hearing the truth about this man, and so be it. I have used this platform to speak the truth about many others, including Barack Obama; and I’m here to tell you that if I’m alive when he crosses over into whatever awaits him in Eternity, I’m not about to offer a sugar-coated, flowery dissertation for him either. This idea that when someone dies their misdeeds should somehow be erased from the public discourse is nonsense.

While I have empathy for his surviving family members; truth be known, the passing of John McCain is the end of an outright stain on US Politics.

We would do well to stick to the true definition of the word “hero” before we paste it on any more individuals who simply don’t live up to it.

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