I saw two mostly cold adversaries; the President of the United States and the President of Russia on a stage taking questions from the media after a private meeting between the two leaders.  I saw them both being poised and “presidential.”  I saw two ideologically opposed men standing next to each other whose countries have rightfully never trusted each other and have narrowly escaped war with each other on a number of occasions.  I saw two fathers, both with grandchildren who have no reason to trust each other and may or may not even like each other much, but who, for the sake of their own families and countries cannot help but respect each other and be willing to sit down together.

I heard a US President disagree with our “intelligence” community by emphatically stating that there was no collusion between his campaign and Russian actors, and somehow this is being labeled as treason by some. Well gee whiz, in a time when, in spite of an admitted preponderance of evidence to the contrary against a real criminal, Hillary Clinton, the then Director of the FBI decided and declared that “ no reasonable prosecutor would bring such a case,” while a top tiered agent sent numerous text messages on his government-issued phone to discuss with his girlfriend his complete disdain for then Candidate Trump, “they” haven’t exactly been what one might call pillars of integrity lately.

In case you’ve been in a coma, former FBI Director Robert Mueller, with the all too willing assistance of the media has been attempting to set POTUS up by conducting a bogus investigation into so-called Russian interference of our last election. Speaking of that “investigation,” a friend of mine, Sybele Capezzutti  offered this great thought,

“…Normally there is an investigation when there is a crime to solve. But somehow, Mueller and the Democrats are getting away with spending millions on a year-long investigation not to solve a crime, but to find a crime instead.”

I might add, my friend Wild Bill posed this tongue in cheek question yesterday, “Who do you trust more, the President of Russia or today’s Democrat Party…?”  That’s a no-brainer…!

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I guess people choose to conveniently forget that Donald Trump was NOT the president when the election took place; so, any meddling by the Russians, which is nothing new in the first place, should rightly fall squarely on the shoulders of Obama and his DOJ.

However, it is certainly reasonable to imagine that Obama and his administration might very well have looked the other way while such meddling was occurring given that it was his administration that allowed the sale of 20% of our weapons-grade Uranium to those very same Russians, and it was he, Obama, who told then Russian President and now Prime Minister Dmitri Medvedev while a hot mic was nearby that he “could be more flexible after the election.”  That is evidence of just two occasions where he committed treasonous acts which scream for his post-term impeachment, and could and should be investigated but haven’t been due to the unimaginable double standards set in place by the ruling elite.

Another reason that Obama might not have been concerned about the “meddling” is that I believe any interference the Russians might have been involved with during that election would very likely have been orchestrated to assist the losing candidate because they clearly understood that a President Trump would not be a weak “draw a bunch of lines in the sand” kind of president, and they would most certainly face a formidable opponent who would stare them down.  Clearly, they knew that if the losing candidate had won, they would have been able to buy everything except maybe the launch codes for our nuclear arsenal.

And by the way, the Russians by no means own the rights to meddling in foreign elections as we’ve done more than our share as well.

Interestingly, while all this is going on, in California, Chicago, Boston, and probably lots of other places; certainly tons more by 2020, illegal aliens are now being allowed to vote in “minor” local elections, and 2020 will undoubtedly be cleared for the major elections as well, because what the hell, liberal democrats have to win somehow..!  Let me repeat that so it really sinks in, “illegal aliens are now being allowed to vote in “minor” local elections!”

Can anyone please explain to me how allowing illegal aliens to vote is NOT aiding and abetting foreign actors to meddle in our elections, and given enough numbers and multiple opportunities to vote, they certainly pose a real threat to sway any given election?  How is that NOT treason, and why is it not being investigated by Robert Mueller and his Democrat bosses?

Getting back to POTUS for a moment though; if he had come out swinging at Mr. Putin for any meddling, the left would have either accused him of being too aggressive or not swinging hard enough.  Like everything else that he does, he cannot win with the leftist media.

However, he cannot lose with his supporters either.  This president has been doing exactly what we put him in office to do; sure, he is going to make some mistakes along the way. However we elected him to be captain of the ship, we are his crew, and we must weather the never-ending media storms with him.  No matter what!

So I urge all patriotic Americans to support him with your actions and prayers, because while I don’t know if we can ever fully recover from decades of damage, I know for sure that if he isn’t supported and re-elected, the wolves are at the gates and America will cease to exist as we know it.


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