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Trinity County Jail Cited for “Non-compliance” in Crowding and Meals

GROVETON, Texas – A state agency has added the Trinity County Jail to its non-compliant list.

The notice of non-compliance lists two violations:

  • Jail was over capacity in multiple occupancy cells.
  • Only two meals served in a 24-hour period.

Sheriff Woody Wallace said it is time for a new jail in Trinity County.

“It’s the first time I’ve been out of compliance,” Wallace said. “I’ve been at the commissioners for ten years and told them this day was coming. We have contracts with seven counties, and we’re looking for more. They’re all full. We’re constantly getting refused.”

Commissioners have hired an architectural firm to study the feasibility of a new jail.

“We have the capacity for seven beds here, but sometimes we have to keep more than seven, which puts us out of compliance,” Wallace said. “We can’t ship them out, and we can’t let them go. Right now we’re holding 200 warrants because we don’t have a place to put them.”

Wallace said the jail is currently back in compliance.

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