Trinity County Wall of Honor

Few people leave as visible a mark in the first few months of a new job as that of District 258th Court Judge, Travis Kitchens. Since he was sworn into office in January, he has turned the Court Annex upside down with his amazing Hall of Honor. Trinity County has had many, many brave men and women who served our nation in one or another branch of our military, and through the work of Judge Kitchens people are finding out about it.

One hallway has maps that start with WWI and proceed through many of the different wars our nation has fought. One wall has maps of Texas through our various stages off growth. Another wall has the Declaration of Independence and other historical documents that are so much a part of our nation’s heritage. And another has pictures and information about the men and women who served in our nation’s military.

The following videos tell the story and the story is well worth hearing, understanding, and sharing. Judge Kitchens is inviting all Trinity County residents to send photos of family members who are serving in active duty or who are veterans to post on the Wall of Honor.

My eighteen-year-old granddaughter, Kaitlin Edwards, graduated from Navy Bootcamp in September and is now at school in San Antonio. Her picture will share a place of honor right next to Trinity Police officer, Tom Hester and retired Commissioner Precinct 1, Richard Chamberlin who both served in our nation’s military.

When you watch the videos, especially The Wall of Honor 2, you will see that there are many picture frames and maps on each wall. These frames are expensive and thus far Judge Kitchens has provided all of them. We have set up a Wall of Honor Gofundme account to try and raise some of the funds necessary to help with some of the costs. Even a small donation of $5.00 will buy a picture frame or two.

If you get a chance, thank Judge Kitchens for all the things he’s done and all that he’s doing for our amazing county. And even if you don’t get a chance to tell him in person, he’ll get a message through your gofundme gift.


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