Trinity ISD to arm trained teachers and create a school police department


In the Trinity ISD school board meeting it was agreed that the district would vet, train, and arm-specific teachers who would be able to protect students if and when it is ever needed. They also voted to create a Trinity ISD Police Dept with trained officers assigned to each school.

I just received this in a message on Facebook and felt it was important to add:


Hi, I want to share the wording we used for the motion regarding security at last night’s TISD board meeting. – “Motion to approve the arming of staff and the formation of a Trinity ISD Police Department was approved unanimously”

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  1. Avatar Crowynrowyn // June 26, 2018 at 11:24 am //

    This is a great decision. Cleveland, Tx. ISD has school pd and they do a great job because of Chief Rex Evans training and constant alertness.

  2. Dr. Sharon Schuetz Dr. Sharon Schuetz // June 26, 2018 at 2:19 pm //

    I’m glad to hear that. We have a great school and I’m glad to see that they are willing to do what it takes to protect our kids.

  3. I don’t agree of arming teachers but I love the idea of having officers at every campus

  4. I don’t agree with arming teachers. Police yes, teachers, no.

  5. This is really bad idea, because what a kid or kids are being bullied and they are haveing a bad day and the teacher’s have there back turned away from the kid and see it and decide that the gun is answers to there problem what needs to happened is there needs to be hard rules and thufer deplane for the kids and panties that have kids that are bulling others kids because the kid that goes for a gun and bring it to school Use the reason they think getting a gun is the answer is because they don’t have anyone to help then and the bully don’t get any punishment that is hard enf that makes them want to stop bullying and make the panties of the bully do something about there own kid or kids so all this will stop the kids will stop thinking that grabing a gun is anwser to the problem. Because main problem the kids that are bullying others kids and not the guns.

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