VIDEO: An Interview with the High School Administration



2018-19 THS Student and Parent “Need to Knows”

  • Students need to be outside their homes by 6:30 on the first day of If you want to make sure your home is on a designated route, please call Mr. Foreman at Transportation at 936-594-3569, ext. 1012.
  • For students driving to school this year, there will be parking permits issued. Parking permits will cost $10 check or cash. In order to obtain one, you will need to agree to the parking policies, bring in your current driver’s license, and bring your insurance card with the vehicle and student listed as a Students failing to obtain a parking permit will be ticketed.
  • The first bell of the day rings at 7:40 AM with classes starting at 7:45 AM and ending at 3:16 PM.
  • Please stress to your child the importance of being on time. There is a new tardy policy in effect, please refer to the student handbook on the district website.
  • We are a closed campus whereas students cannot leave unless being checked out. Additionally, for lunch, there are to be no restaurant deliveries.
  • The dress code will be strictly enforced this year. The dress code can be found in the student handbook on our district website.
  • Make sure to have any prescription or over the counter medicine checked into our school nurse. Students are not to have medication on them at any time unless a special case is noted.
  • After receiving their schedule, students are urged to make any necessary changes as soon as possible. Schedule changes will only be allowed during the first week of school. As of Tuesday, September 4th, their schedule will be locked down and no further changes may be made.
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  1. How the hell are you charging students to drive to school, that’s low I hope you are charging teacher too since they have job’s, parents are doing the best they can to make sure they kids get to schol, if they are licensed and insured that’s all that matters I tell you

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