We Sang for You Today

We’ve said “Goodbye until we meet again” to some special faith friends lately:

We sang for you today-
for you set sail
the ocean depths
of salty tears
to heaven’s welcome home.

We sang for you and found
our singing
couldn’t end-
until rejoicing
we proclaimed
the new life you’d begin.

We sang for you today
for you were
heaven bound-
and though our voices
grieved with joy
there poured a holy sound.

Someday may we all join
that faith-filled journey
by Christ
our Saviour’s compass,
will bring us home
at last !

Copyright 2018 Jim McConnell

(Hymn Tune: I love Thy kingdom
Lord by Aaron Williams 1770)

About Jim McConnell (2 Articles)
Jim McConnell - Retired Pastor & Resident of Trinity County

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