Whoopie’s real job? Create hate and anger for revolution…And she’s good at it

The U.S. State Dept. under Hillary held a summit at Columbia Law School called the Alliance of Youth Movements Summit. Sponsors of the summit were Google, Facebook, YouTube, CBS and MSNBC. Attendees at the summit also included representatives of mass media organizations such as NBC, ABC and CNN.

But the summit was a façade.

It was actually a recruiting and coordinating center for revolutionists. Its purpose was to link revolutionists with media giants, but also to rally militants and then funnel these militants into “coup” training camps, which trained militants to remove governments.

The U.S. facilitated the creation of a revolutionist training arm, called CANVAS. CANVAS trained coup leaders from the Ukraine, Georgia, Tunisia and Egypt.

To fund this training camp, CANVAS partnered with several front groups, including the International Republican Institute. John McCain was on the board of directors of the International Republican Institute at the time.

Members of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood Youth went to the summit and were then funneled to the coup training camp, CANVAS. There they learned how to use social media to create a protest, but also how to conduct a false flag event of violence, in which they would then blame security forces.

But these “youth leaders” who created the protest and false flag event also had “world support” via lies and propaganda spread by the attendees at the State Department summit, like CNN, MSNBC and other media.

Whoopie Goldberg attended the State Department summit for revolutionists. My guess is that members of American militant groups also attended and were funneled into the coup training camp.

There are “protests” probably about to happen in America in which a false flag event may occur.

Whoopie and others like her are used to create outrage and anger against Trump. And this outrage will be used to promote “protests.”

When I saw Whoopie’s creepy behavior towards Judge Jeanine, I got goosebumps. There are so many more of her. These are scary times.


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Cheri Berens lives in Egypt and worked as a researcher for the Egyptian Ministry of Culture until 2012 when the Muslim Brotherhood took power. She experienced Egypt’s 2011 and 2013 revolutions and witnessed the terrorism that followed.
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