If your angst against President Trump is based on fact, on real issues, perhaps we can have a dialogue; however, if your angst is merely baseless hatred fueled by leftist news outlets and party “loyalty,” all I can do is offer you a moist tissue!

Really, I don’t understand the vitriol of the left where it concerns President Trump.  There have been presidents that I haven’t liked, but I could give lucid, concrete reasons why I took exception to them; in every case, I could write a list of issues.  Some people may not have agreed with my list, but no one could say I was blindly against them just because.

So, I decided to challenge those who blindly spew hatred for this president with some questions.

Is it the great economy that you hate?

Are you upset that the unemployment rate in all sectors is lower than it has been in over 45 years?

Perhaps your angst is derived from the fact that both friend and foe respect us more than they have in decades?  They may not like us more, but they do respect us.

How about this – a few months ago it looked as if we might be on the verge of nuclear war with NOKO and now they may be getting a McDonald’s Franchise. Isn’t it better to find our president sitting across the table from Kim Jung Un having a chat rather than sabre rattling with the very real possibility of trading nukes?

The DJIA has added over $4T in value, is that a problem?

How about the tax reform and the repeal of the forced ACA mandate?

What of deporting 36% more MS-13 gang members; is that a bad thing?

I guess if you think that illegally entering our country is okay, you must hate the crackdown on “sanctuary cities.”

Are you upset because we are finally curbing the wasteful spending in every Federal Department, including the military, not to mention having his presidential salary donated to charities?

Does saving babies from being murdered by the abortion industry largely on the taxpayer’s dime have your underwear in a wad?

Let’s see, improving the VA by allowing senior officials the ability to fire non-performing employees is somehow bad?

I have to believe that minimizing ISIS to the point that we rarely hear of them these days must be awful for you?

Do you find fault with supporting Israel, our closest ally, by establishing an Embassy in Jerusalem?

Are you concerned that some previous officials that you worship may actually face criminal charges for things you or I would have been jailed for long ago?

I could go on and on, but I think you get my point.  You may not like some of these things. However, you certainly understand that I can list what I like about this man, and I ask again; which of these things is worthy of the endless vitriol I see daily?

Worse yet, if the truth be known, would you not have celebrated like crazy if Bill Clinton or Barack Obama had been able to accomplish some of the items above?

To prove out that last point, why is it when Clinton and Obama called for better border security you applauded them?

How can anyone reconcile Obama receiving the Nobel Peace Prize for merely taking the oath of office and giving a few speeches as opposed to Trump sitting down across from a real foe and opening real dialogue?

I have barely scratched the surface of a very successful president, a man who has accomplished more in a year and a half than the last four presidents combined.

So here is my challenge, put the blind hate aside and ask yourself, “what has this president done that offends me?”


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2 Comments on WHY THE BLIND HATE?

  1. Dennis Bishop // July 21, 2018 at 7:35 am //

    You are doing what so many other pundits have done as it relates to this topic..you are discussing the qualities of the smokescreen, without seeing the invasion that it covers…you are examining the leaves, without seeing the tree they came from…
    Trump is a great president by any measure that you care to apply…he has no major shortcomings, professional or private, that are not shared by any other human being living on the planet…

    No…what he has are powerful enemies in high places…some are in government, some are in other governments…some are in his own political party…and the sole, singular and solitary reason for their vitriol and hatred for Trump is because he won the election and they lost…which means they are forced to sit on the sidelines and watch as Trump implements his agenda and erases theirs…the democraps are in the position of the ‘opposition’ party and as the name implies, they oppose everything…which is not necessarily a bad thing because our political system depends on a kind of ‘checks and balances’ approach to selecting legislators and empowering them in the congress…the difference is Obama…whose influence may be invisible to the ‘main stream media’, but who is nevertheless, pulling the strings from behind the curtains…Obama does not give a hang about the lofty principles enshrined in the Constitution…he’s not captivated by the subtle nuances of the ‘Rule of Law’…he doesn’t need to be concerned about such thing because the same people that are viciously attacking Trump 24/7 are still protecting Obama from any and all, well deserved criticism…and to a certain extent, Hillary as well…
    Any meaningful analysis of the unadulterated hatred of Mr. Trump has to be understood as the results of losing an important election in which the victor has obliterated the opponent and is exposing the lies that put them in office and kept them there for eight years…add to that the disinformation campaign waged by the liberal media that fuels the hatred with ever more salacious and intriguing fictionalized episodes worthy of a ‘dime novel’…

  2. Dr. Sharon Schuetz // July 21, 2018 at 9:27 am //

    Dennis, you’re absolutely correct.

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