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William Lee Hon, Candidate for District Judge

William Hon Facebook post – January 27th.

This morning I had to do an interview in Trinity and was asked to discuss my family, my background, and my career accomplishments. I have always found it a little awkward to talk about myself—something many people might find odd for someone involved in politics. Nevertheless, it caused me to reflect in my own mind over many of my memories and life experiences from having grown up in this little corner of East Texas.

As I was driving back toward Onalaska alongside Lake Livingston on FM 356, I noticed how different things looked from my childhood and yet how much many things still looked the same. I am sentimental—very. I stopped to take this photo of the lake and the bridge and was instantly transported back in time to days spent bass fishing on the lake with my Daddy. I reflected on other memories of my youth, of generations of ancestors and extended family, of school days and teachers, of friends that I’ve lost over the years, and others that have endured a lifetime. The better part of my fifty-six years on this earth has been spent right here in Polk County. I look around and see so much progress and growth and I’m both excited about the future but also nostalgic for the way things were during my youth. I’ve enjoyed my trips to San Jacinto and Trinity Counties especially of late because they’ve helped me remember that “small town” feel that I was so familiar with here as a child and before so much development began. My life has been richly blessed. I’ve been so influenced and shaped by my surroundings and the friends and family I’ve enjoyed over the years.

I was asked today what I was most proud of from my career as District Attorney. My response was very simple: “The difference I’ve made in my community and in other people’s lives.” That’s a very subjective answer and I know it’s nearly impossible to measure the “difference” one makes in the world around them. Nevertheless, I’m humbled and appreciative of the times where victims and even people I’ve prosecuted have told me directly that I made a difference in their lives. More importantly, I reflect back on my parents, my grandparents, and the many aunts, uncles, and extended family and I hope they know I’ve tried my best; and I hope that the things I’ve done to try to make a difference in my community would have made them proud. I love this place. In spite of all the growing pains this area is going through with traffic and development and new residents, I am still so proud to be from Polk County. I’m proud to tell people I’m from here. My surroundings and life experiences from having spent so much time here are an indelible part of my character, my soul, and who I am. It may not be perfect, but I would not want to have been from anywhere else.

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